Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow 4-5 October 2022

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International Summit & Meetings for the Space Manufacturing Industry

The Space Suppliers Summit (S³) is an international business convention connecting buyers and suppliers from across the space manufacturing sector. The convention is an opportunity for companies to showcase their unique capabilities, share insights and ideas, and create new networks through targeted business meetings and a high-level conference.

The two-day event consists of a dedicated conference programme that investigates developments in the space manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure from a business and industry technology perspective.

The second day features our signature one-to-one pre-scheduled business meetings between participants in the exhibition. The meetings will provide you with a tailored programme to meet selected companies in a well-organised format that lets you focus on your meetings, while we take care of the logistics!

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Who Will You Meet?

The Space Suppliers Summit is for companies working in the design, development and manufacturing of space systems, including spacecraft, payload and launch systems, plus the professional ground segment required for their test, assembly, and operations.

Satellites & Cubesats

Spacecraft Manufacturers

Launch Vehicles & Subsystems

Material & Component Suppliers

Ground Segment Systems & Equipment

Incubation & Development

Applied Research

Software & IT

We are connecting buyers and suppliers from across the manufacturing supply chain. Profiles of attendees include:

Suppliers & Subcontractors


  • Industry Players
  • Technology & Innovative Solutions
  • Startups
  • Service Providers, Partners & Enablers
  • Education, Research & Development, & Training
  • Institutional Partners

Buyers, End-Users and Contractors


  • Industry OEM, Tier-1 and Contractors
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Quality
  • Commodity, Strategic Sourcing
  • Engineering, R&D, Design and Quality
  • Partnership Research
  • New Market Evaluation

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