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Dr. Munetaka Ueno, Research Director, Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center

Dr. Munetaka Ueno is the Research Director of the Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center at JAXA and a Professor at Osaka University. With a Ph.D. in physics from Kyoto University (1994), he has held various roles, including heading the mission instrument technology group and serving as the Chief Engineer at JAXA. His expertise lies in observational astronomy, solar system science, and space development. Dr. Ueno has contributed to missions such as AKARI, AKATSUKI, and HAYABUSA. Additionally, he has held leadership positions in the Astronomical Society of Japan, played key roles in space science advisory committees in Japan, and chairperson of Standing Space Agency Subcommittee, International Project Management Committee. Recently, he was appointed as the project manager for a moonshot R&D project.


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