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Dr. Munetaka Ueno, Research Director

Munetaka Ueno is research director of Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center, JAXA, and a professor of Kobe University.

After his Ph.D in physics from Kyoto University, Japan in 1994, he joined Department of Earth Science and Astronomy, University of Tokyo, then moved to Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), JAXA in 2009, and his former occupations were head of mission instrument technology group, director of space science program office, and Chief engineer of JAXA.

His research interests include observational astronomy, solar system science, scientific instrumentation and systems engineering in space development.

He has been involved in several space missions, AKARI (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), AKATSUKI (Venus orbiter), and  HAYABUSA mission. He served a director of Astronomical Society of Japan, a chair person of Standing Space Agency Subcommittee, International Project Management Committee, a vice-chair of Standing Space Agency Subcommittee, Knowledge Management Technical Committee, and a member of space science advisory committee of ISAS, JAXA.

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