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Portia Bowman, CEO, Growbotics

Portia is a trailblazer in In-Orbit Servicing & Manufacturing and the visionary CEO of Growbotics. With a strong background in Space Systems Engineering and a deep passion for sustainability, Portia is reshaping the future of the space economy.
Her journey began as a space systems engineer, working on large ESA and NASA projects. Leading crucial testing for the Earth Observation satellite (EarthCARE) and managing early-stage feasibility projects, she showcased her technical prowess. Moving into the commercial arena at a new space company, she developed a new business line for in-orbit servicing by closely collaborating with clients, technology, and market trends.
In 2022, she founded Growbotics, dedicated to enabling a circular on-orbit economy. Under her guidance, Growbotics is fast becoming a pioneering force, reshaping industry norms and advocating for sustainability in the future of space.
Portia’s TEDx talk, “Why Space is Important for Life on Earth,” has inspired audiences, reflecting her vision of harmony between Earth and Space. Her commitment extends to skills development, co-founding SpaceCareers.uk and representing IOSM on national skills initiatives.